Patrick Cannon


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Hi there! I’m Patrick.

I’m a machine learning researcher and engineer, currently working as the Generative AI Lead at Hadean.

Previously, I co-founded a computer vision startup where I had fun working with NeRFs and Gaussian splats. I also worked at Improbable where I focused on simulation-based inference methods (like normalising flows) for calibrating complex scientific simulators, including agent-based models.

I have a PhD in statistics from the University of Bristol which focussed on Markov chain Monte Carlo techniques for inference in coalescent population genetic models, supervised by Christophe Andrieu and Mark Beaumont.

Broadly, my interests lie in probabilistic machine learning and their uses in solving important technological and scientific challenges. Guided by a statistical worldview, I try to leverage the tools of uncertainty quantification to improve our understanding of black-box algorithms, particularly deep learning. I’m mostly concerned with:

🔘   Robust deep learning
🔘   Algorithmic trustworthiness
🔘   Alignment

I believe these are some of the most pressing challenges in artificial intelligence and, as a result, are not only technically interesting but highly consequential for humanity.


For a full list, please see my google scholar page.

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